Hi, my name is Caroline. I focus on visual identity, editorial design and illustration. I can also offer words: Short ones, long ones and also several in a row. I am currently studying at »Deutsches Literaturinstitut Leipzig«, but always interested in collaborations and freelance projects. Call me, write me or send me smoke signs.

M.A. Creative Writing, Literatur Institut Leipzig 2017—2019
B.A. Type Design, Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design in Prague 2016—2017
B.A. Communications Design, HTWG Constance 2012—2017

Internship Estudio Atolón de Mororoa, Montevideo (Uruguay) 2014
Internship Estudio Futuro, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2014—2015

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Caroline Weigele
Text, Graphics and Illustration